Results of Eurasian Water Milfoil Survey for Lake Fenton

By Mark | May 22, 2012

(c) Barry A. Rice/The Nature Conservancy

In early 2011, the Lake Fenton Property Owners Association contracted with EnviroScience Incorporated of Stow, Ohio to survey sections of Lake Fenton with Eurasian Water Milfoil (EWM) present and determine if its’ natural controlling insect, the EWM weevil, was present.

The EWM weevil attacks and kills EWM during the juvenile part of it’s life cycle, but does not damage or in any way harm the lake or other plants and wildlife. During the adult phase of their life cycle, EWM weevils live on grassy shorelines. However, with the large number of seawalls on Lake Fenton, EWM weevils are rare. Hence, the Eurasion Water Milfoil has no natural enemies and tends to crowd out other plant species.

EnviroScience came to Lake Fenton in June 2011 and surveyed 9 different sites. 6 of these sites were predetermined as heavily infested with Eurasian Water Milfoil and 3 additional sites in which EnviroScience found existence of the EWM.

In their results, EnviroScience found weevils present at 5 of the 9 sites. In addition, all but one site had weevil induced damage to the EWM. Although these results are good, EnviroScience stated that the weevil population was not at the necessary levels to significantly impact the growth of the Eurasian Water Milfoil.

EnviroScience recommended that these sites on Lake Fenton be stocked with additional weevils to better control the EWM growth and restore a more balanced plant growth in these areas.

Unfortunately, to undertake such a project, the EWM weevil stocking is an expensive proposition and well beyond the Lake Fenton Property Owners Association budget.

Although the Lake Fenton Property Owner’s Association will not be going forward with this program, it will continue to monitor these sites for EWM growth. Additionally, we now have information from a professional vendor about the EWM weed in Lake Fenton and possible solutions to control it.

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