The First Seagull on Lake Fenton

August 19, 2013

seagull on lake fenton michiganA seagull floated alone all last weekend on the north end of Lake Fenton.

In spite of the fact that she was the first harbinger of fall, I felt a bit of sympathy for her.

At some point in our lives, haven’t all of us made elaborate and complicated plans to meet a friend at a specific time and place out of town, and when we got there, they hadn’t shown up yet? After 20 minutes you begin to think, “Was it supposed to be tomorrow? Did they forget? Did they go to a different lake?” (note: these memories are pre- cell phones and texting…if you’re under 40, you wouldn’t understand).

I wondered if that seagull had similar thoughts this weekend, or was she content to paddle alone for 2 days in the middle of the lake, mindless of the speed boats and solitude, confident that generations of mitochondrial DNA had somehow placed her in exactly the right spot on the continent in mid-August?

It was a silly thought. The seagull was right, of course. This morning, I saw her on the lake, swimming with half a dozen other gulls. My moment of sympathy for her was gone.

Now I’m just reminded that fall is coming.


Lake Fenton High School Student Test Scores Slightly Ahead for 2013

June 24, 2013

Lake Fenton High School Merit Exam and ACT test results in 2013 were ahead of 2012 in 3 out of 5 areas measured by the state-wide exams.

The results of these standardized tests examines student performance in mathematics, writing, reading, science and social studies and is administered to all high school juniors in Michigan.

LFHS students increased their proficiency in math, science and writing, while falling behind 2012 in reading and social studies. Here is a chart showing the actual numbers.

The LFHS scores are comparable with those of Fenton High School and better than many other Genesee County school districts.

Dangerous Giant Hogweed Found in Lansing Area

May 30, 2013

Click photo to zoom

An invasive plant species called Giant Hogweed was recently discovered in the Lansing and Jackson areas. Although originally introduced into the US as an ornamental species, it is so dangerous it is now illegal to transport and is listed as a Federally noxious weed. Other states have been battling it for years.

The Giant Hogweed is much worse than poison ivy. Its toxic sap can do permanent damage to skin, and if you get it in your eyes, can cause blindness.

Here is a video passed on to us by Dan Crannie on Ford Street that shows exactly what the plant looks like. More information from the MSU Extension Service: Read more »

Marine Specialists Makes My Pontoon Muskrat-Proof

May 4, 2013

320px-Muskrat_swimming_OttawaIf you’ve had a pontoon boat on Lake Fenton for a couple of years, either you – or someone you know – has had a muskrat destroy the wiring under the pontoons. Typically this seems to happen in the fall when young muskrats leave their parent’s nest and attempt to start one on their own. To them, a nest of branches and leaves in the well between the pontoons is just as good as a nest in the banks where they normally live.

The problem isn’t the mess they create, but the fact that muskrats will chew on your wiring harness until the wires short. Your first clue might be that your lights won’t turn on, your battery won’t hold a charge, or you can’t even get your motor started.

After repairing muskrat damage for the second time on my pontoon’s wiring harness, I decided that before I put the boat in this spring, I’d take it over to Craig Willour at Marine Specialists. He said my problem was a common one, and had a couple of solutions.

Read more »

Fenton Township Fire Dept. Dive Team Proposed

March 19, 2013

lake-fenton-sailingFenton Township Fire Chief Ryan Volz proposed the idea of an Emergency Dive Team to the Fenton Township board. The team would be comprised of volunteers working as part of the Fenton Township Fire Department.

The Genesee County Sheriff’s Department already has a dive team, but after the drowning on Lake Fenton last year, it took them about an hour to arrive on the scene. Fenton Township Lt. Tom Howley believes that a similar team based in Fenton Township could have reacted more quickly.

The township’s total cost would be about $25,000 – which includes training and equipment costs.

The township board is expected to vote on the proposal at its next regularly scheduled meeting.

Woodhull Landing Home Sells for $430K Lake Fenton

February 26, 2013

woodhull landingRecent home sale on Lake Fenton:

12410 Woodhull Landing Fenton, MI 48430

  • Sold for $430,000 on Jan 16, 2013
  • 3 Bed, 4 Bath 4,147 Sq Ft 0.60 Acre Lot

Polar Plunge for Special Olympics & Fishing Tournament at Moose Feb 9th.

February 6, 2013

Lake Fenton Michigan Moose Lodge 430Two big events this Saturday Feb 9th, open to the public:

1. POLAR PLUNGE to benefit Special Olympics, 12pm registration at The Fenton Community Center, 1pm parade of costumes and plunge at Moose Lodge. A post-plunge party immediately following at Moose. Angelos Coney Palace will be serving food all day. A pre-registration Party will be held Friday 5pm to 8pm at the Moose.

Interested in taking the plunge? Click here to register.

2. FISHING TOURNAMENT – Saturday February 9th due to bad weather. The Moose Lodge is also having their annual “Polar Plunge” benefit on the same day for anyone that would like to take as dip in between checking their tip ups. Register at the Moose.

Lake Fenton Winter Classic Hockey Jan. 19 – 20

January 7, 2013

Lake Fenton Winter Classic

The second annual Lake Fenton Winter Classic Hockey event will take place Saturday, Jan. 19 and Sunday, Jan. 20 on Barnum Lake behind The Fireplace Bar & Grill, 2238 North Long Lake Road (map).

Teams of seven players competing in four-on-four action with no goalies are playing to get their names on the Des Crowley Memorial Cup, named in honor of tournament organizer Sean Lapham’s friend who died in May 2011.

Registration is open until Jan. 9, at the cost of $350 per team. Entrants must be 18 years of age or older. Thirty-two teams featuring 224 players took part in the 2012 tournament moved from the Fenton Moose Lodge because of weather conditions.

A 7 p.m. Friday, Jan. 18 player registration party is set to take place at The Fireplace. The party is open to the public.

Each team in eight divisions are ensured three games — two on Saturday, one on Sunday, with the championship game Sunday afternoon.

Winterizing Your Boat: Is it Important? Why Bother?

December 1, 2012

If you’re like most lake residents, you’ve had your boat winterized and stored for the season. But did you ever wonder if winterizing is really important, and what exactly you’re paying for?

I asked Craig Willour at Marine Specialists in Fenton if winterizing my pontoon is really important. After all, it looks like an expensive oil change. Couldn’t I just skip a year?

“Winterizing a boat motor prevents expensive repairs down the road,” Craig explained. “I coat the cylinders with oil to prevent rust buildup while the boat is in storage. I drain the lower end to look for water in the prop gear case. Water can even freeze and ruin your boat’s transmission. And most people don’t realize inboard motors and jet skis have water inside. Replacing it with anti-freeze guarantees you won’t have a cracked motor block in the spring.”

In addition to changing the oil and gear case lube, Craig said he also lubricates and greases the steering assembly. All the while he’s looking for any problems you might have next year.

“A bit of fishing line around your prop can ruin your prop seal,” he gave as an example.

So what about tune-ups? He said that modern boats are like cars – a tune up is just new spark plugs and a fuel filter.

In the end, I decided the $100 bucks or so I spent on winterization is a cheap price to pay for having my boat start the first time I turn the key in the spring.


DUKW Boat on Lake Fenton

August 6, 2012

When Rob and Marty Reigle called Sunday afternoon and said “would you like to join us on a ride on Lake Fenton in a DUKW boat?”, I didn’t have to think twice.

Rob owns, and buys and sells historic and WWII military vehicles on the Internet. I’d seen his DUKW (pronounced duck) boat on Lake Fenton before, but this was the first time I’d had a ride. Phil and Olivia Lewis, Jennifer Tremaine, and several other friends were waiting when he and Marty arrived.

When the boat/truck pulled up on Margaret Drive, the first thing you notice is, “this is big.” The second thing you notice is that their are no ladders or padded seats. The vehicle is restored to the same condition it would have been in WWII. It was designed for 18 year old boys to use. We sat on ammo boxes in the back, and were soon driving down Torrey toward the old Lang’s Marina, where they were nice enough to let us get on the lake.

Driving into the water is strange, but Rob made it look easy. He even gave each of us a chance to “drive” it for a bit and stand in the machine gun turret on our way around the lake. But then he took the wheel as we “parked” the DUKW boat in front of the Moose club.

One of the most interesting things you notice when driving the DUKW is that everyone you see is smiling at you. There are no unhappy motorists – or boaters – around this boat.

If you ever get a chance to ride in a DUKW, don’t turn it down. You won’t regret it.

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